Saturday, November 10, 2012

FC Barcelona - Visca el Barça!

FC Barcelona is not just another football team. 

FC Barcelona or Barça (as they call it) is a symbol of cultural identity to the majority of Catalans. When FC Barça plays Real Madrid, it is referred to as a Clásico and to Spaniards and Catalans alike this is no longer just sport but also politics. FC Barça's slogan sums it up neatly: "més que un club" meaning, more than just a club. Regardless of what you may think about all this it is undeniable that La Liga (The Spanish football league) is one of the best in the world. If at all possible you should attempt to see a game at Camp Nou when in Barcelona. It is an amazing experience to be part of 90,000 Catalans cheering their team on.
FC Barça vs. Celta de Vigo 3-11-2012. FCB won 3-1.
Tickets can be purchased via the official FC Barca website here. If you are a fan you obviously need to get your own FC Barcelona shirt with your favourite players name printed on the back. These can be purchased from a number of places. Most commonly people head to one of the official FC Barcelona shops such as the one located at Camp Nou or at Plaça Catalunya. To avoid the tourist madness in the official stores, it is highly recommended to head to a Base Benito Sports Shop
Here you will receive a friendly and personal service without a bunch of tourists breathing down your neck. All the FC Barça shirts with print are made on the spot in less than 15 min. There are 9 Benito Sports Shops throughout Barcelona. The most convenient shops for most visitors are the ones located at Les Arenas (Plaça Espanya) and the shop on Rambla Catalunya (close to Plaça Catalunya). DC! 

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