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We are a Danish-Catalan couple living apart and thus enjoying almost all our holidays in Barcelona/Catalunya or Copenhagen/Denmark. During our many trips to Barcelona and Catalunya we have come to realise that most guidebooks are good at directing you to monuments but poor at suggesting bars, restaurants, places to hang out etc. unless you enjoy sharing it with hordes of other tourists at the tourist price. We find that it is particularly difficult to find good information about Catalunya outside Barcelona. Here we will share our positive experiences of interesting things to see and do as an inspiration to you. Posts will be brief and to the point with pictures taken by ourselves on our many Catalan adventures. We hope that many will share their experiences with us here to inspire and help others plan their trip to Catalunya. We are open minded individuals that like most things as long as it is prepared well and served with a smile, whether it is high end restaurant or some patats bravas and a beer at the local bar. Here we will only describe our personal stand out places. Please suggest places that you would like us to check out if you think we are missing something great. We can be reached at moltbenoblog@gmail.com. DC!

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