Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cor Caliu - L'Exiample, Barcelona

Cor Caliu is one of Barcelona's little gems that has escaped the notice of guide books despite being on the route that connects Casa Milà and Sagrada Família. We are absolutely in love with Cor Caliu because of its laid back atmosphere and fantastic food. Although there are only few tables outside you can almost always get a place straight away. We have had countless breakfast/brunch trips to Cor Caliu enjoying the sun at one of their tables and watching the cars, bikes, Catalans, tourists etc. moving up and down Carrer Mallorca. For breakfast all their flautas (flutes) are fantastic. Our favourites are the french omelet (Flauta amb truita francesa) and the sobrassada and brie flauta (You really have to try sobrassada. Best described as a soft sausage/red meat paste. A specialty from Mallorca). The Cor Caliu patatas bravas are excellent with a really nice and spicy sauce, the salads are delicious (not the healthy green kind of salad you might expect. They are stuffed with meat, seafood cheese and dressings. Try out the plate with four different salads), and the pa amb tomaquet (tomato bread) is also superb.  Cor Caliu is also great for dinner. One of our dinner favourites is the Hamburgesa. As a tourist you may think this is a burger but that is not the case. When Catalans talk about Hamburgesa they normally just refer to the meat. No salad, bread etc. Just a fantastic hamburger patty. At Cor Caliu served with soft onions and unlike Denmark where minced meat has to be cooked to death you can have this one rare because they make fresh mince from good quality beef on the spot. We recommend the Hamurgesa rare (poc), with Bravas and a glass of red wine (vi negre). An English menu is available on request and the place is moderatley priced. Enjoy - Bon profit! DC!

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