Thursday, October 30, 2014

Granja Petitbo - L'Eixample, Barcelona

Brunch places are great in particular if you are the chilled out tourist that will struggle to make in time for breakfast. We certainly belong to this category and fortunately more and more brunch places ideally suited for the lazy tourist are popping up in Barcelona. Granja Petitbo is situated in L'Exiample within walking distance from Sagrada Família so if your heading that way for some Gaudí action you could start the day here. The atmosphere in this big open place with a facade open to the busy street is great just like the food. Unlike the brunch place Picnic that we have mentioned previously this place is more down to earth, which is also reflected in the food. Servings are bigger and maybe a bit less fancy compared to Picnic.
However, it is still excellent and has its own unique atmosphere so we come here frequently. If you go for some of their freshly squeezed  juice and a serving of eggs Benedict you will not be disappointed. DC! 

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